Lyric Foundation offers several after school programs that rotate by area every season to ensure each child has the opportunity to explore a new system of classes each season for more than two years before any programs are repeated. We focus our efforts on introducing students to the world of S.T.E.A.M academics. Some of our available programming includes allowing participants to explore the chemistry of everyday life through spectacular hands-on activities with real lab equipment. They will learn how to work in a lab, operate equipment, identify chemical reactions, and observe chemistry that happens in the blink of an eye. We offer a wide variety of activities, and a choice for students, so that they can pursue their interests in a setting that also addresses their developmental and educational needs. For students, an academic environment that is supportive, individualized, and exciting helps them do better in school while they explore new interests and discover new talents and skills. Stay tuned, as we will be introducing our fall schedule soon.