Our College Prep Classes goal is to help those who want to go to college not only be able to enroll, but to graduate. Under the umbrella of Lyric Foundation, this program is implemented in many communities in Chicago. The staff at Lyric Foundation helps college applicants through the entire process of applying to college, and follows them throughout their academic career. The first step is to assess the college readiness of each applicant.

If the applicant is not yet ready to apply to college, we provide them with the necessary tools to get them ready for the road ahead. Many students come to us with dreams of where they think they might want to go in life, and we help them make those dreams a reality. We believe that college is one of the greatest vehicles our students could ever utilize to get them to their desired destination.

Our program establishes a good rapport with the students we enroll so that they will be comfortable in coming to us with any concerns while on their journey through college. We use a buddy system so that the students won’t feel lost or alone. We also utilize follow-up appointments so that we can monitor their progress. We endeavor to make each person’s transition into college as smooth as possible, so that they can focus on becoming a college graduate.

College Prep Classes

  • ABCs of Financial Aid
  • Transition to College
  • ACT/ SAT Prep
  • College Tours

Career Services

  • Career Exploration
  • Bridging the Math / Reading Gap
  • Resume Writing / Interviewing Workshops
  • Building Study / Test Taking Skills Workshops