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Doris Wesley Holmes International STEAM Academy

In memory of one of the world’s greatest mothers and educators, the Doris Wesley Holmes International STEAM Academy will be home to an elite group of girls (grades 6 to 12) whose passion in life is to break barriers and defy all odds. This academy will welcome students from diverse backgrounds to attend this unique institute, one of the only STEAM academies in the Chicago land area. Admission will not be based solely upon test or grades alone, but will also encompass an accumulation from a written essay, interview, and a level of structured family commitment. This year round school will incorporate specialized summer courses enabling students to travel utilizing the world as their classroom. The STEAM based curriculum will emphasize development of 21st Century skills (critical thinking, communication, information technology skills), and exploration of aligned post-secondary career fields focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Key Attributes

    • Small classroom sizes
    • STEAM based curriculum
    • Year round education with specialized summer curriculum
    • Dual Credit for College
    • Family centered learning
    • Mandatory second language
    • Mandatory music and art disciplines
    • Investing / Money Management courses
    • Evidenced based approach to experiential learning
    • Research School Partnerships

Doris Wesley Holmes International STEAM Academy instructional approach is not the norm, but will offer programs such as robotics, computer coding, archaeology exploration, and digital music production at minimum. Cultural arts activities are designed to provide students with the opportunity to express themselves through a variety of disciplines, including writing, spoken word, dance, painting, drawing, photography and digital arts. Integrated into our curriculum will be enrichment programs and experiential learning opportunities that will reinforce activities and offer a look at future careers.